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Study of Violin & Viola

Information for the 2022/2023 Violin and Viola Study course.


Students who pass the auditions convened for July 2022 will begin studying the Violin/Viola Study at the Galamian International Academy from September 2022.

Estudio de violín/viola

Study at the

Galamian International Academy

Being part of the Galamian International Academy (GIA) is a crucial decision for your artistic development. The GIA has fully dedicated professionals who guarantee your learning with the most current and advanced methodologies on the music scene.

Since its transfer to the former María Cristina Royal Conservatory, the Galamian International Academy has established itself as a musical educational institution of the highest vision and recognition. Students and teachers from all corners of the world attend the GIA.

Belonging to the student body of the Academy means much more than receiving classes from your principal teacher. We fervently believe in the necessary development of all the skills that make up your musical growth. Among them, of course, is your instrument technique, but not alone.

The Galamian International Academy allows you to

  • Develop your artistic abilities in a friendly study environment among classmates and teachers. Sharing opinions, criticism and musical experiences with our team and students will help you achieve honourable and competent artistic values ​​in the 21st-century music scene.
  • Have all the facilities of the Academy: study booths, classrooms with pianos treated with care and respect, conference room, chamber music rooms and the María Cristina Unicaja Concert Hall.
  • Participate in activities dedicated to improving your skills as a musician: student concerts, group technique classes, joint reading, music theory and singing, Brainin method, orchestra, assistance as a listener to all the masterclasses given at the Academy.
  • Attend all the concerts organized by the Galamian Academy, such as the Cycle of Concerts for Teachers, the concerts of the Galamian Academy Orchestra, and the annual program of the Málaga Philharmonic Society.

Study ofViolin & Viola

Violinists Jesús Reina and Anna Margrethe Nilsen are the principal professors of the Violin/Viola Study at the Galamian International Academy.

The students who are members of this program receive dedicated instruction from the leading professors through individual masterclasses and workshops, courses, and events from which the Study nurtures the growth of its students.

Students entering the GIA Violin/Viola Study in the Autumn Semester will receive these lessons from September 2022. During that time, they will participate in:

  • Individual masterclasses with the principal teachers of the Violin/Viola Studio, Anna Margrethe Nilsen and Jesús Reina, and attending the lessons given to all their fellow students. The monthly classes will be distributed 50% between each principal teacher.
  • Performance masterclasses consist of group repertoire classes, studio techniques, and performative practice. You will develop your acting techniques on stage and share practical experiences with your study colleagues.
  • One group class every three weeks

  • Guest professors nurture the Study's artistic diversity; internationally renowned professors visit the Violin/Viola Study during each academic year or give classes by video conference.
  • Chamber music is an integral part of musical training: beginner and advanced groups collaborate with academy teachers. You will be able to participate in different projects throughout the course, perform at leading concert halls in Málaga and participate in the International Festival of Málaga Clásica Chamber Music in its Talent program.
  • Distance learning with state-of-the-art technological equipment.
  • Concerts and recitals in the main hall and other spaces will exhibit your projects and concert programs. The iconic Unicaja Concert Hall María Cristina hosts the vast majority of the Galamian International Academy events. The location features acoustics and aesthetics praised by the great artists who pass through it every season.
  • Repertoires for a limited number of classes.
  • The academy's teachers will guide project development practices and accompaniment for musicians.

Study of Violin/Viola classes, concerts and tuition fees per academic year

Individual masterclasses644832
Guest professor classes221
Performance masterclasses101010
Chamber music classes141414
Courses by symposium and eConferences
Distance learning
Chamber music concerts222
Student concerts333
Possibility of performing your own recital
Tuition fee*€7,890€6,590€5,190

Galamian Academy Orchestra

The Galamian Academy Orchestra has artistic projects developed through intensive meetings with professionals from internationally renowned orchestras. The Academy maintains close contact with musicians from the following orchestras: Berliner Philharmoniker, New York Philharmonic, Orquestra della Svizzera Italiana, Orquesta Ciudad de Almería, Orquesta Camera Musicae, Orquesta del Principado de Asturias and Orquesta Sinfonica Portuguesa and form part of the faculty of this orchestral program.

In addition, students can choose orchestral interpretation as the main subject by being part of additional meetings.

Estudio de violín/viola

Galamian Academy Youth Orchestra

The Galamian Academy Youth Orchestra offers students up until 18 years an opportunity to enjoy their first orchestral experience in a program supervised by José Andrés Fernández Camacho and other professors of the Galamian Academy Orchestra.

Receive tailored classes.Join the Youth Orchestra.

Create tailored classes and gain first-hand orchestral experience with the Galamian Academy Youth Orchestra.

Learn more

Professors of the

Violin & Viola Study

Principal Professors

  • Jesús Reina
  • Anna Margrethe Nilsen

Assistant Professor

  • Laura Romero

Guest Professors

  • Grigory Kalinovsky
  • Alexander Sitkovetsky
  • Molly Carr
  • Alfredo García
  • Koh Gabriel Kameda
  • Joaquín Riquelme
  • Jordán Tejedor
  • Salvador Esteve
    Jesús Reina
    Principal Professor Jesús Reina

    Principal Professor

    Jesús Reina

    He is praised by critics thanks to his "radiant and soulful personality" —John Rockwell, and his "overflowing freshness and spontaneity"- El País. Since his childhood, Jesús Reina conquered the public when he learned the violin from his grandfather José Queen in the field of folk music.

    He has performed with Pinchas Zukerman, Valery Gergiev, and Eiji Oue, with orchestras such as the Mariinsky Theatre, Barcelona Symphony, Mahler Philharmoniker HSO and Malaga Philharmonic and in venues such as Carnegie Hall, Metropolitan Series, Royal Festival Hall, Wigmore Hall, Wiener Konzerthaus, National Auditorium and Palau de Barcelona. Jesús Reina was awarded the Puerta de Andalucía award and the Malaga Medal of Honor and is co-founder of the Galamian Academy and the Málaga Clásica Festival. He studied with Patinka Kopec and Pinchas Zukerman, receiving the R. Bronstein Award from the Manhattan School of Music.

    Jesús Reina appears on the weekly television success of Canal Sur, "Tierra de Talento", where, in addition to jury duty for the program, he collaborates with great artists from various musical genres, such as José Mercé, María Villalón, Mariola Cantarero, India Martínez, Pasión Vega, El Kanka and Ale Romero.

    Anna Margrethe Nilsen
    Principal Professor Anna Nilsen

    Principal Professor

    Anna Nilsen

    Norwegian violinist Anna Margrethe Nilsen is co-founder and director of the Galamian Academy and the Málaga Clásica Festival. She is a Centaur Records artist and winner of the Sparre Olsen, Eisenberg-Fried and Norwegian National competitions. Critics acclaim her for playing “full of sweetness, enthusiasm, joy and rich timbre“.

    Anna Nilsen studied with Isaac Schuldman, Patinka Kopec and Pinchas Zukerman as a student at the Manhattan School of Music and has performed in venues such as Wiener Konzerthaus, Oslo Auditorium, St. Petersburg Philharmonic, Carnegie Hall, and with orchestras such as the Bergen Philharmonic, Kaliningrad of Chamber, Trondheim Symphony, Juenesses Musicales, Novgorod Chamber, Norwegian Opera, Saint Petersburg Symphony and Belarus Chamber.

    She has collaborated with artists such as Pinchas Zukerman, Paul Neubauer, Liza Fershtman, Amanda Forsyth, and Guy Braunstein.

    Laura Romero
    Assistant Professor Laura Romero

    Assistant Professor

    Laura Romero

    Born in Malaga, Laura Romero Alba began playing the violin at age seven.

    She completed her training at the Superior Conservatory of Malaga and the Galamian International Academy with professors Anna Nilsen and Jesús Reina. Later, she moved to the United States, where she did postgraduate studies with professor Grigory Kalinovsky at Indiana University. Laura Romero also received masterclasses from famous pedagogues such as Pinchas Zukerman and Patinka Kopec.

    Laura Romero has performed in concerts throughout Europe and the United States. She has formed part of orchestras such as the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic, the Richmond Symphony Orchestra, the Terre Haute Symphony Orchestra, the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra the National Youth Orchestra of Spain. Currently, Laura is the assistant professor of violin and viola at the Galamian International Academy in Málaga.

    Requirements of

    Admission and Enrolment

    The Galamian International Academy carries out the admission and enrolment process for students entering the academy for the first time via the academy's website throughout the year. Here you will also find frequently asked questions.


    The Reina Nilsen Foundation offers a reduction in enrolment costs for deserving and exceptionally motivated students - placing particular value on the family's economic situation - of up to 50% of the total enrolment cost.

    The academy will carry out the request for this reduction in enrolment once the applicant passes the audition for access.

    Upon registration, the Reina Nilsen Foundation will value your request with the Galamian International Academy panel. The academy will communicate any reduction and amount to the student before starting the course in September 2022.

    Estudio de Violín/Viola

    Internship Programs

    The Galamian International Academy offers a significant reduction in enrolment fees for those students who wish to participate in any Internship Programs.

    Students must pass an interview with part of the AIG team to be part of these programs. Spaces for these programs will be limited. The Academy prioritizes students with greater seniority or those who have passed the access auditions during the face-to-face phase in July 2022.

    The Academy will advise students who have passed the July 2022 auditions of the offered specialty programs to those interested in participating.

    Previous specialty programs

    • Practice Repertorists – dedicated to practices as accompanists of the Piano Study

    • Logistics and show production

    • Event planning and scheduling

    Estudio de Violín/Viola

    Awarding of Title

    The educational programs of the Galamian International Academy (GIA) are divided into three ranks, depending on the age and level of the student: Pre-college, Bachelor and Master.

    Participation in one of these educational ranks will be determined by the Academy jury in the applicant's access audition, considering their age, academic background and interpretive level.

    The GIA offers its degree for students who pass one of these programs in the opinion of their principal teachers.

    Estudio de Violín/Viola

    Frequently asked questions